The SANA Project

The Social and Nonsocial Autistic (SANA) Trait Scales

GEL team members working on the project: Dr Angelica Ronald

Collaborators include: Prof Tony Charman, Prof Mark Johnson, the BASIS team

Funded by the University of London Research Fund


Autistic traits are behaviours characteristic of autism spectrum disorders that occur in typically developing children and adults at a sub-clinical level of severity. Population-based studies have provided support for a smooth continuum of autistic traits across the general population, with autism representing the extreme end of a quantitative distribution of autistic traits. However very few measures exist for assessing autistic traits in toddlers.

The Project

The Social and Nonsocial Autistic (SANA) trait scales were developed as a new measure of quantitative autistic traits for use with toddlers. The practical uses of these SANA scales are a brief measure of social and nonsocial autistic traits in samples of typically developing and at risk young children. Their application is in epidemiological research, at risk autism sibling studies, and developmental psychology research.

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