The GANA Project

The GANA Project

GEL team members working on the project: Dr Kostas Papageorgiou, Dr Angelica Ronald

Collaborators include: Dr Teresa Farroni, Prof Mark Johnson, Dr Tim Smith


As part of his PhD training programme, Kostas Papageorgiou moved to Trieste, Italy for ten weeks (19th August-31st October 2013) to work on the Genetic Association in Newborn Attention (GANA) project. The project aims to collect questionnaire and genetic data on a sample of children on whom visual data were collected as newborns in Monfalcone hospital in Italy (1 to 4 days old). The main goals of this longitudinal study will be to: 1) investigate how visual attention parameters in the first days of life correlate with temperament and behaviour in infancy (12-months) and childhood (60- and 96-months), 2) conduct a pilot investigation of the role of common genetic variation on newborn visual attention. Kostas is supervised by Dr Angelica Ronald and he is collaborating with Dr Teresa Farroni (international Marie Curie collaborator), Prof Mark Johnson, and Dr Tim Smith. The project is funded by the Marie Cruei Initial Training Networks.


Papageorgiou, K. A., Farroni, T., Johnson, M. H., Smith, T. J. and Ronald A. (2015). Individual differences in newborn visual attention associate with temperament and behavioral difficulties in later childhood. Scientific Reports, 5, 11264. doi: 10.1038/srep11264.


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