2020 Anniversary Events

In 2020, the GEL lab hosted a series of events to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Rosalind Franklin’s birth. Rosalind Franklin was a pioneer in the field of genetics and is an alumni of Birkbeck.

January 2020

The GEL lab ran a Genetics 101 workshop for over 90 children in primary schools in London

The event included lectures, quizzes and a DNA extraction practical!

February 2020

We have now run a second successful Genetics 101 workshop with 60 children in a south London primary school!

March 2020

Read the first GEL Lab blog post: “Reflections from a female genetics PhD student 100 years after Rosalind Franklin’s birth” here

April 2020

The GEL lab are busy working from home and making plans for Lockdown-compatible celebrations – check here again soon for more news!

May 2020

GEL lab’s co-director Professor Angelica Ronald gives an online talk on Rosalind Franklin as part of the “Birkbeck Inspires” events. Follow the link here

June 2020

This month the GEL lab have been contributing to an audio series created by the Rosalind Franklin Institute that will celebrate the life and work of Rosalind Franklin. We can’t wait to hear the final programme!

July 2020

We celebrate Rosalind Franklin’s birthday this month with a new Short Video Series! We have joined up with other labs within Birkbeck’s School of Science to present our work and acknowledge Rosalind’ Franklin’s legacy in some of the work we are doing. We hope you enjoy the 6 videos HERE!

September 2020

GEL Lab guest blog post: Why is Rosalind Franklin a hero in structural biology? by Dr Mark Williams here

Autumn 2020

We wrapped up our celebrations by hosting the London Genetics Network meeting in December 2020, the first meeting for a new network for London-based human geneticists. Read more about it here