London Genetics Network: Poster submissions 2020

The London Genetics Network invites poster presentations for its launch meeting on 4th December 2020. The online posters will be in the form of short videos. Detailed instructions are below.

Please send your online poster to 

Submission deadline: 20 November 2020

Instructions how to record your video

Step 1 – Prepare your slides using powerpoint. We suggest 1 slide each for background, methods, results and discussion. Leave the slide area where you plan to have the video of your head clear of content on each slide

Step 2 – Prepare the talk that you want to give alongside your slides. We suggest you think about the way you would explain your poster if it was of a traditional large format poster and base your talk on this.

Step 3 – Record your talk on zoom. Many people already have a zoom account from their university or workplace. If you do not have an account already you can make a free Basic account at

The final video should be at most 3-5 minutes long. Once you have a zoom account when you are ready to record your presentation follow the steps below

  1. Open your presentation
  2. Start a zoom call
  3. If you are muted, click unmute and if your video camera is not on, click the start video symbol 
  4. Click Share Screen 
  5. Select your presentation in the dialogue box that opens up and click share 
  6. Make your presentation full screen. You can resize the windows to make the video of yourself speaking bigger or smaller as you prefer.
  7. In the screen sharing menu click More then click Record or Record on this Computer  (If the meeting control panel has disappeared from view, you can see it again by hovering your cursor over the green “You are screen sharing” bar)
  8. A red circle will show up in the menu this indicates you are being recorded
  9. Present your work. If you want to pause the recording use the menu
  10. When you are finished use the menu to stop the recording and stop the screen share then end the meeting
  11. Zoom will then convert the video and save it 
  12. If you are using a PC you can find the saved mp4 file in Documents\zoom. If you are using a Mac you can find the file in Documents/Zoom/date‐time‐stamped‐folder
  13. Feel free to edit your view if you want. 
  14. Once you are happy with your presentation, rename the file with the following format: surname.mp4 
  15. Email the mp4 file to together with the following information
    1. Name
    1. Position
    1. Institution
    1. Whether you are an Early Career Researcher (ECR) or non-ECR
    1. Poster title
    1. Co-authors
    1. A short synopsis of no more than 3 sentences

Feel free to use a different software to record your video if you prefer. However, please make sure that the video is in mp4 format.