Autumn 2013

GEL PhD students submit theses

Congratulations to GEL lab PhD students, Aline Scherff and Mark Taylor, who have both recently submitted their PhD theses on time!
Aline’s thesis investigated the relationship between autistic and internalising traits, while Mark’s work examined the relationship between traits of autism and ADHD. Aline has moved to Germany to pursue a medical career, while Mark has now started work as a postdoctoral researcher with Dr Angelica Ronald at the GEL lab.

Mark Taylor joins the GEL lab

The GEL lab is pleased to welcome Mark Taylor as a postdoctoral researcher.
Mark recently completed his PhD on the relationship between traits of autism and ADHD at the Institute of Education with Prof Tony Charman and Dr Angelica Ronald. This new post will allow Mark to diversify his skills and knowledge base because he will now be working on the Longitudinal Experiences and Perceptions (LEAP) project, which is focussing on the causes of psychotic experiences in adolescence.