Autumn 2015

Dr Angelica Ronald speaks about female leadership at all-girls school

Dr Angelica Ronald recently spoke to A-level students at an all-girls school about her experience of female leadership in science.  Dr Ronald described the progress being made in this area, including the Athena Swan initiative.  She spoke about the experiences which had helped in her career to date, and why events that might seem like bad luck often have an upside for becoming a leader.

GEL lab explores relationship between sleep disturbances and psychotic experiences

GEL lab members Dr Mark Taylor and Dr Angelica Ronald have published new findings showing the nature of the relationship between sleep disturbances and psychotic experiences in adolescence. In a collaboration with clinical psychologist Professor Daniel Freeman at the University of Oxford, and sleep researcher Dr Alice Gregory at Goldsmiths, the researchers found that sleep disturbances commonly co-occur with psychotic experiences such as paranoia and hallucinations, and this relationship was explained by shared underlying genetic and environmental risk factors.  The full publication can be found here.