Spring 2016

Congratulations Dr Dominika Sieradzka on the receipt of her PhD!

Dr Dominika Sieradzka successfully defended her PhD in December 2014 and received her award in spring 2016.  The examiners were impressed with her thesis, entitled Investigation into the contribution of common genetic variants to the aetiology of dimension-specific psychotic experiences in the general population of adolescents and the association with schizophrenia“. Read more of her work here.

Dr Angelica Ronald receives Wellcome Trust ISSF grant
Dr Angelica Ronald has received a Wellcome Trust ISSF grant to support her large-scale international genetics project on psychotic experiences in adolescence.  The project involves genome-wide association analyses and estimating measured heritability.  These funds will be invaluable for supporting travel, collaborative meetings, and data fees — all critical to the project.