Spring 2018

GEL lab publish new results showing genetic link between psychotic experiences in the community and schizophrenia

GEL lab researchers Oliver Pain and Professor Angelica Ronald have published new research showing that there is a genetic link between specific adolescent psychotic-like experiences in the community and schizophrenia. Genetic links were also identified between negative symptoms (including self-reported anhedonia, and parent-reported symptoms including lack of motivation and associality) and schizophrenia, and between negative symptoms and major depressive disorder. The results were obtained through use of a range of statistical genetic methods, applied to data from three European community samples (combined sample N=6,297–10,098).

The paper is published in the American Journal of Medical Genetics, and can be accessed here.

Refrerence: Pain, O., Dudbridge, F., Cardno, A. G., Freeman, D., Lu, Y., Lundstrom, S., Lichtenstein, P., & Ronald, A. (2018). Genome‐wide analysis of adolescent psychotic‐like experiences shows genetic overlap with psychiatric disorders. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric Genetics.

Professor Ronald presents GEL lab research at the London ADHD Research Forum
Professor Ronald gave a talk on “Nature, Nurture and Neurodevelopment” to a wide-range of ADHD researchers in London and the South East.