Spring 2023

Genetics methods meetings with the London Genetics Network

The London Genetics Network (co-founded by Prof Angelica Ronald of the GEL lab) has started up a series of monthly methods meetings in which both new and commonly used methodologies will be discussed. These will be both presentation-style meetings from invited speakers and also journal club-style sessions in which we break down complex topics. 

All of the presentations will be recorded and made public on OSF: https://osf.io/rzhku/ (meetings led by group members), https://osf.io/4cqwf/ (meetings led by invited speakers). 

Find out more about LGN here: https://www.londongeneticsnetwork.com/

GEL lab founder Angelica Ronald takes up new role at University of Surrey

In April, Angelica Ronald took up a new post as Professor of Psychology and Genetics at the University of Surrey. She remains at Birkbeck as a Visiting Professor and continues to supervise her team. Everyone in the GEL lab congratulates Professor Ronald on her new post!

Aislinn Bowler and Morgan James Morgan present at the European Mathematical Genetics Meeting (EMGM)

In April, Aislinn and Morgan presented posters of their work at EMGM. Aislinn presented her PhD work using polygenic scores to look at associations between motor traits and phenotypes in later life – her poster was titled ‘Phenotypic and Genetic Associations Between Preschool Fine Motor Skills and Later Neurodevelopment, Psychopathology, and Educational Achievement

Morgan presented some recent work from the GEMS project looking at the genetic architecture of the age of first walking with his poster ‘’Introducing the Genetics of Early Milestones and Skills project with first-look results from GWAS of age of onset of walking

Morgan James Morgan presents at the International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) annual conference in Stockholm

GEL lab team member Morgan Morgan gave a presentation at the 2023 annual international autism research conference – INSAR – in Stockholm this May.  Morgan, a parent of an autistic child, gave a presentation entitled “As a parent of a child with autism, why I am setting out to do a PhD on the genetics of autism”.  The presentation was part of a panel with Prof. Sander Begeer and Prof. Tinca Polderman of Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, Prof. Janneke Zinstok of the Radboud University Medical Centre in Nijmegen and Leneh Buckle a PhD student at the University of Manchester. The panel addressed the implications of genetic research into autism and how to involve the autism community.

Morgan presents his research at the INSAR conference in Stockholm