Summer 2015

Recent media coverage of GEL lab study on newborn infants and later behaviour

Recent findings from the GEL lab attracted media attention. They show a link between visual attention in newborn infants and later behaviour and temperament.  A radio interview about the findings can be heard here (from minute 20.54) and links to some of the press are listed below.

The Daily Mail

Voice of America News

Papageorgiou, K. A., Farroni, T., Johnson, M. H., Smith, T. J. and Ronald A. (2015). Individual differences in newborn visual attention associate with temperament and behavioral difficulties in later childhood. Scientific Reports, 5, 11264. doi: 10.1038/srep11264.

Find the reference pdf here

Dr Angelica Ronald gives public lecture “What is autism today?”

In June 2015 Dr Ronald gave a public lecture entitled “What is Autism Today?” at Enfield Thinks in Enfield, London. Enfield Thinks is a “pop-up learning shop” aiming to raise the profile of vocational qualifications, link qualifications to labour market demand and provide a platform to promote the uptake of STEM subjects. For more information, visit this link.

The GEL lab’s newest student wins Quantitative Genomics poster prize!
Congratulations to Oliver Pain, a first year student in the GEL lab, who won the Best Poster award at the Quantitative Genomics 2015 conference at the Wellcome Trust this May! His poster was entitled ‘Genome-wide Association Study of Specific Psychotic Experiences in Adolescence’. Well done Ollie!