The GEMS Project

GEL team members working on the project: Anja Hollowell, Dr Anna Gui, Professor Angelica Ronald

Co-investigators and collaborators include: Prof. Mark Johnson, Prof. Frank Dudbridge, Dr. Tomoki Arichi, Dr. Alexandra Havdahl, Prof. Catharina Hartman, Dr. Elise Robinson, Prof. Iroise Dumontheil, the EAGLE consortium

Funded by: Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI) and UK Economic and Social Research Council

The Project: The Genetics of Early Milestones and Skills (GEMS) study aims to map the common genetic architecture of psychologically-relevant traits in infancy and early childhood.

We are conducting gene discovery projects on infant temperament and fine and gross motor milestones, including developmental cohorts from around the world. This allows us to study the shared mechanisms underlying these infant traits and later outcomes including autism and other neurodevelopmental and mental health conditions.

Cohorts: We are interested in working with cohorts in this study. If you have a genotyped cohort of infant participants please get in touch about collaborating with us!



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