Autumn 2020

Huge congratulations to Dr. Emma Meaburn who was promoted to Reader in Human Genetics this term!

We are delighted to share the second blog in our GEL lab blog series! This is by guest contributor Dr Mark Williams, who is a lecturer in Biophysics in Birkbeck’s Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology. The blog ties in with our year celebrating the 100th anniversary of Rosalind Franklin’s birth – see more about those celebrations here. Mark’s blog is entitled “Why is Rosalind Franklin a hero in structural biology?

In October, we welcome new GEL lab PhD student Maria Pitharouli to the lab. Maria will be using genetic methods to explore the causal links between education, depression and inflammation. Welcome Maria!

Finally, after a summer of virtual lab meetings, online writing retreats and zoomed-based quiz nights we look forward to slowly getting back into the lab and our offices.